General Surgery

passionate about providing safe, comfortable, and effective care

If your pet requires general surgery, you can trust that Companion Animal Hospital of North Florida has the best team of qualified veterinarians in your area. We are passionate about providing safe, comfortable, and effective care when it comes time for your pet to undergo a more serious procedure. Our staff works hard to ensure that your pet has a stress-free experience that yields effective results. We value open communication and will keep you updated throughout the entire experience so that you are aware of your pet’s status the entire time. Keeping your pet safe and pain-free is our top priority.

We perform extensive testing before any surgeries so that both our team and pet owners are fully aware of any potential risks that may arise during a procedure. Our team of experienced veterinarians will determine a comprehensive procedure and treatment plan based on the results of these pre-operative tests so that the procedure can run smoothly with minimal risk.

Soft-Tissue Surgery

We perform routine soft-tissue surgeries including ovariohysterectomy, castration, cystotomy, skin tumor removals, and umbilical hernia repair. If surgery is likely to be more complicated, we refer to a team of highly-skilled specialists that will be able to provide your pet with the absolute best care in the area.


Our office utilizes a multimodal approach to anesthesia and pain management during and after surgery. Pets are monitored closely by a dedicated anesthetic nurse monitoring blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate, oxygen level, body temperature. Surgery requires anesthesia for the safety of both your pet and the veterinarian. This also helps the surgery run smoothly in a favorable time-frame so that your pet can go back to being their happy and healthy self as soon as possible.

If you have specific questions about your pet’s surgical options, we encourage you to call our office to inquire about more information. Call our office at (904) 733-4080 to learn more about our general surgical procedures.