Dental Care

The Importance of Oral Health

Your pet’s oral health is directly correlated to their overall wellbeing and can have a significant impact on their quality of life. That is why it is important that their teeth and gums are checked during their annual visits to the veterinarian. Since your pet can’t care for their own dental health, it is important that you do your part to help them have a healthy smile. Companion Animal Hospital of North Florida can help your pet have a fresh and healthy smile so that they can live a long life! Our comprehensive dental care services can keep their mouth healthy and happy.

We provide pets with routine dental cleanings, scaling, polishing, and routine extractions. Dental cleanings are performed using an ultrasonic scaler for the most effective results. For more complex cases, we refer clients to a trusted veterinary oral surgeon who can perform any serious surgeries or procedures that your pet may require. Having your pet’s teeth cleaning annually can help protect their cardiovascular health as well as cue your veterinarian in to any nutritional deficiencies.

All appointments begin with a thorough dental exam that checks for loose teeth or mouth abnormalities. Your veterinarian will then clean the teeth by scaling any tartar or plaque off of their tooth’s surface. They will next polish the teeth with a mint-flavored toothpaste to help prevent future plaque buildup. Lastly, sealants will be applied to protect the teeth from cavities.

Anesthesia is used to sedate your pet during the cleaning. This is done to protect your pet as well as the veterinarian. Animals can easily become stressed during a dental exam which may lead them to act out or behave abnormally. If you have specific concerns or requests about the anesthesia used during your pet’s dental cleaning, call our office to request more information.

Call our office regarding any questions or concerns you have about dental cleanings for your pet. You can reach us by calling our office at (904) 733-4080 or by filling out an appointment request form directly on our website.